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Two people got stuck in a giant chocolate tank at a Mars M&M factory

Two people got stuck in a giant chocolate tank at a Mars M&M factory

Two workers at the Mars M&M factory in Pennsylvania found themselves stuck in waist deep chocolate when they accidentally fell into a giant chocolate tank.

Getting out of a pool of chocolate doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this case was not as clear-cut as that. Reportedly, firefighters had to cut a hole in the tank to get the employees out from the side.

The trapped workers were eventually rescued and sent to a hospital for evaluation.

Mars Wrigley, which is behind popular chocolate bars like Snickers, Mars, and M&Ms, said in a statement that they were actively monitoring the situation.

Although the workers in question did not suffer any major injuries, falling in a vat of melted chocolate, or anything as a matter of fact, can have deadly consequences. In 2009, for instance, a 29 year old factory worker fell in a melting tank at Cocoa Services in New Jersey and lost his life.

In such cases, corporations make use of their Workmen’s Compensation Insurance policy to pay compensation to affected workers. Through this policy, workers who suffer injuries or illnesses at the workplace can pay their medical bills and cover lost wages. This policy also helps pay monetary recompense to the families of workers in the event of deadly accidents.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance is one of the most basic Business Insurance policies and is compulsory to purchase in several countries including India.

The Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1923, which is now known as the Employee Compensation Act, has made this policy mandatory for most businesses, such as factories, transport undertakings, mining and construction companies.

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