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Woman finds a spider in McDonald's meal

Woman finds a spider in McDonald's meal

On 19 January 2022, Katie Moss from England ordered a chicken and bacon McWrap from McDonald’s through a food delivery app.

As she chewed her way through most of the wrap, she suddenly bit on something hard. What she initially thought to be a tomato or a piece of chicken turned out to be a huge “exotic looking” spider.

Upon learning of the incident, the McDonald’s branch that sent the order offered her a refund and a replacement meal, and launched an internal investigation.

Over the years there have been many such unhappy McDonald’s meals where people have found all varieties of critters in their fries, burgers, and wraps. And some of them decide to sue.

So how does McDonald’s deal with these cases?

To protect their legal liability for harm caused to a customer, restaurants purchase A Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy, which comes with in-built Public Liability coverage.

This coverage helps the restaurant bear any legal costs or damages that become payable on account of bodily injury, illness, property damage, or death caused to a customer or a third party.

A CGL policy is one of the most basic insurance policies that is taken by all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and hotels to manufacturing companies as well.

It is not known whether Katie has received any compensation from McDonald’s yet.

Restaurants serving customers weird things is not uncommon. Read about how a man got served bleach instead of water at a famous chain restaurant!

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