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A woman discovered a $3 million lottery prize in her spam folder!

A woman discovered a $3 million lottery prize in her spam folder!

Laura Spears, a 55 year old woman from Michigan, USA, was looking for a missing email from someone in the spam folder of her email account when she stumbled upon a curious email that said she had won the lottery.

Spears promptly logged in to her lottery account and realized that she had actually won $3 million!. She had bought a ticket for Michigan Lottery’s Mega Millions on New Year’s Eve, but had only come to know of her win in late January 2022.

Spears will be sharing her winnings with her family members and is planning to retire early.

While windfall stories such as these often encourage people to purchase lottery tickets, the odds of someone actually winning are still astronomically low.

However, once in a while, some do end up winning the grand prize. So, do lottery organizers keep large amounts of money in reserve to award the winner?


They purchase a Prize Indemnity Insurance policy, also known as Prize and Lottery Insurance. This insurance covers the risk of a prize or lottery payout in an insured contest by transferring the liability of payment on to the insurance company.

The premium for this insurance is calculated on the basis of the total number of entries, the odds of winning, the insured prize levels and the respective winning amounts.

In the event a contest participant hits the jackpot, the organizers inform the insurance company which then pays out the winner on their behalf!

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