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Woman wins $10 million lottery after a stranger bumps into her

Woman wins $10 million lottery after a stranger bumps into her

A California woman was at a supermarket when she happened upon a vending machine that sold lottery scratchers. Putting a $40 bill into the machine, she was about to press the button when a “rude stranger” bumped into her causing her to push a number that she did not intend.

While the stranger did not apologise and simply walked out the door, the woman was left with a lottery ticket she didn’t want. Minutes later, she scratched the card only to realise that she had won the game’s top prize- a whopping $10 million!

Ecstatic and dumbfounded by her gold rush, the woman almost crashed her car going home!

Stories of people winning unexpectedly large lotteries abound. But, have you ever wondered who ends up paying the winnings?

Contrary to popular belief, the lottery organisers do not keep such large sums in reserve waiting for someone to grab them. Instead, they opt for a special kind of policy known as Prize Indemnity Insurance.

Also known as Lottery Insurance, this policy helps companies hold promotional events and contests which promise expensive prizes to winners. It essentially covers the risk of a large payout by transferring the liability of payment on to the insurance company. In this way, the policy also guarantees that the winner gets their promised reward.

The payouts from a Lottery Insurance policy can be considerably large depending on the value of the prize. Even so, these policies are largely profitable for the insurance company, since the chances of someone actually winning are, after all, very slim.

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