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Why you can no longer buy the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder

Why you can no longer buy the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder

Johnson and Johnson (J&J) will stop selling and manufacturing its popular talc-based baby powder globally from next year.

Preferred by families all over the world for decades, J&J’s 130 year-old baby product has been battling a massive controversy for many years.

Starting from the late 1990s, the company has faced thousands of lawsuits from women alleging that the powder contains traces of asbestos that caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

After extensive legal proceedings, J&J was forced to stop selling the product in several countries– and eventually discontinue it altogether.

The company has so far lost a total of $3.5 billion in verdicts and settlements that have arisen out of these lawsuits– a considerable sum bound to put a dent in any company’s finances.

But, there is one way for large corporations like J&J to circumvent these enormous losses– Product Liability Insurance.

Product Liability Insurance is a highly sought-after insurance policy among manufacturers, particularly in the FMCG, pharmaceutical, tech, and automotive industries.

This policy protects companies from claims of injury, illness, or property damage caused by one of their products.

Court fees, defence costs, settlements, and payable compensation to victims can be mostly recovered with the help of this policy.

From injured consumers to product recalls, Product Liability Insurance can secure a company’s financial stability by protecting it from any product-related risks.

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