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Why Oppo and OnePlus phones have been banned in Germany

Why Oppo and OnePlus phones have been banned in Germany

Oppo and OnePlus, two of the most popular android phone manufacturers, have been prohibited from selling their devices in Germany in a recent court ruling.

This development comes in connection with a lawsuit filed against the two companies by another phone manufacturer Nokia.

What is the lawsuit about?

Nokia had sued Oppo and its sister brand OnePlus in 2021 for using patented Nokia technology in their smartphones without a valid licence.

Nokia claims that Oppo had rejected its proposal to renew their patent licensing deal but continued to use the technology anyway.

Are patent infringements covered under insurance?

This ban on the two smartphone manufacturers is not permanent, but it is bound to put a noticeable dent in their profits. And with a massive lawsuit hanging in the air, the two companies are in for a tough ride.

But, there is one way they may be able to cover some of these losses– through Intellectual Property Insurance!

IPR insurance protects companies from lawsuits involving patent infringement and other IPR violations. This insurance essentially offers two types of covers:

  • Defence coverage, which protects companies from facing infringement lawsuits offering reimbursement for defence costs and payable damages
  • Enforcement coverage, which helps companies file lawsuits for any infringement of their patents or trademarks, offering reimbursement for any lost income

Intellectual Property Insurance is a common risk management tool among large manufacturers, especially those in the tech industry which alone comprises 65% of all patent litigation cases.

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