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Why is Apple Inc. being investigated by Indian authorities?

Why is Apple Inc. being investigated by Indian authorities?

Apple Inc. has been facing an unfair competition lawsuit before the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for months. Now, the country’s tech startup think tank, the Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF), has also joined the fight.

The case was first brought against Apple by a non-profit organisation from Jaipur, called Together We Fight Society (TWFS). They argued that Apple’s high in-app fees and other restrictions have been hurting competition by raising costs for app developers and customers.

According to ADIF, Apple’s App Store practices pose significant barriers to entry for smaller players. In fact, these practices have been under scrutiny by several antitrust regulators in countries like the United States, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Antitrust laws are regulations imposed in several countries that ensure the continuation of fair competition and protect consumers from predatory business practices.

As it happens, antitrust lawsuits and penalties are quite common in the tech space, especially against behemoths like Google and Apple.

Although most of these investigations are settled out of court, the defence costs can be enormous, and the need for an insurance cover is evident. Such coverage can be found in Liability Insurance policies like Directors and Officers (D&O), Professional Indemnity, or Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies.

These policies take care of the mounting legal expenses and settlements that arise out of different types of lawsuits. Although some insurance companies refuse to indemnify businesses for antitrust lawsuits and claims of trade disparagement or unfair competition, in many cases such coverage is mandated by courts.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for businesses to carefully review their policies before purchase and consult their advisors to obtain the optimal coverage needed.

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