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Why is Alec Baldwin one of Google's Top Searches for 2021?

Why is Alec Baldwin one of Google's Top Searches for 2021?

Google announced its most popular search items of 2021 on December 8. Among pop culture favorites like Squid Game and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, American actor Alec Baldwin also ended up on the list.

But why?

Well, on 21 October 2021, during a shooting of his film ‘Rust’, Baldwin fired a prop gun that accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

Further investigation revealed that a live round had been fired from the prop gun that had fatally hit the cinematographer.

Following this tragedy, lawsuits have been filed against Baldwin (who was also the producer of the movie), the set armorer, the assistant director, who had inspected the gun, the production house, and other companies for gross negligence

In fact, there had been additional complaints regarding the safety arrangements on the set prior to the fatal shooting.

This begs the question - would a General Liability Insurance policy help the managers of the ‘Rust’ set in this situation?

General Liability Insurance helps indemnify companies for any lawsuits claiming death, injury, illness or property damage caused by the company’s activities or on its premises.

This insurance largely helps businesses cover their defence costs and any damages they may have to pay to the claimants.

In this case, such a policy would help the production house and other companies that have been named in the crew members’ lawsuits. Through this policy, the payable damages to the claimants can be easily released without landing the company in financial trouble.

Furthermore, all the individuals named in the lawsuits would get similar coverage through a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy!

However, it is worth noting that any deliberate or criminal act of misconduct won’t be covered by any of these policies.

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