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What happens when a spectator gets hit by an airborne cricket ball?

What happens when a spectator gets hit by an airborne cricket ball?

The 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup had been prolonged for a long time. Originally meant to be hosted by Australia in 2020, the much awaited series was finally conducted in the stadiums of UAE and Oman.

Thousands of enthusiastic fans lined up in queues for tickets to some matches including the contentious India-Pakistan match which was held on 24 October.

But, are these fans safe from injuries from the sport?

Instances of spectators getting hit by cricket balls are not uncommon. One of the most famous incidents of this kind occurred in 2002 during a Headingley Test between India and England, when batsman Saurav Ganguly hit a ball that ended up busting a spectator’s head open while he was trying to catch it.

In such cases, the event organizers become liable for any injury, or death caused to members of the audience by the sport. They cover this liability through insurance policies like General Liability Insurance, or in some countries Premise and Spectator Liability Insurance.

These policies are designed to broadly cover any lawsuits levelled against the event promoters for claims of injury, death, property damage, incidental medical malpractice, or general negligence caused to the spectators of an eligible sporting event. Defence costs, provision of an attorney, and any payable damages to the claimant are also covered.

General Liability Insurance is one of the most important insurance policies for sports and recreation organizations, as spectator injuries are fairly common across various sports.

What would happen if a sports match was cancelled?

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Establishments like hotels, restaurants, conference halls, etc. cover this kind of liability through Public Liability Insurance