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How a horse stomped through a wedding procession in UP

How a horse stomped through a wedding procession in UP

Baraatis dancing to Bollywood hits at a wedding procession in UP’s Hamirpur district suddenly found themselves being stomped over by a berserk horse!

Agitated by the loud music, the wedding horse reportedly put its hooves up in the air and began stomping across the crowd creating a stampede-like situation that injured 6 people.

Many have pointed to the Bundelkhand region’s tradition of making horses dance as a possible cause for the horse’s frenzy. The horse’s owner had attempted to accomplish this feat but was unable to control the animal on account of the blasting music.

Although a horse wreaking havoc at a wedding is a rare occurrence, accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. And some of these can cause grievous harm to attendees. But there is a way to protect expensive events like weddings against such disasters– through Wedding Insurance!

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An average wedding in India can burn anywhere between ₹10 lakhs to ₹5 crores of an individual’s finances. And the danger of an unexpected fire, flood, riot, or accident threaten the entire affair. That’s why Wedding Insurance has gained popularity as a much-needed cover.

How can weddings be covered against cancellations?

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