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UAE bans all private drones for a month

UAE bans all private drones for a month

On 24 Jan 2022, the UAE intercepted an attack of two ballistic missiles headed towards its capital Abu Dhabi.

While the missiles were promptly destroyed, this attack came only a week after another terrorist attack that had resulted in the deaths of two Indians and one Pakistani national.

So the UAE government has banned all flying operations of private drones and light sports aircraft in the country for a month.

The ballistic missiles presumably intended to cause mass injuries and damage. But what happens when a recreational drone ends up causing unintentional harm?

To mitigate the risk of unexpected damage to third parties, drone operators purchase a Drone Insurance policy.

Drone Insurance provides wide ranging coverage which includes :

  • Accidental theft or damage to the drone body
  • Third party bodily injuries or property damage
  • Accidental damage to camera and other add-on equipment
  • Accidental personal injuries sustained by the operator

Drone Insurance can be taken by private as well as commercial operators, flight schools and training facilities. In fact, in India, Third Party Liability coverage is mandatory for all drone operators.

However, it must be noted that this policy does not cover any damage caused while the drone is used in violation of a law or order. That means, any person flying one in UAE over the next month is on their own!

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