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When a Tom Cruise movie faced backlash over tragic accident on set

When a Tom Cruise movie faced backlash over tragic accident on set

Tom Cruise’s 2017 action film American Made, about a pilot working for a cartel in the 1980s, was generally met with positive reviews and box office success.  

But talks about a tragic accident on the set of this movie loomed large over its production team.

You see, during the making of the film, a plane which was being used to help shoot scenes crashed to the ground in Colombia, resulting in two pilots getting killed and a third occupant suffering paralysis.

A year after the incident, the pilots’ families sued the makers of the movie. Their lawsuit alleged that the pilots had not been sufficiently trained and that the producers had negligently compelled them to fly the plane.

The producers on their part filed several countersuits claiming that the pilots had exaggerated their credentials in order to get the job.

The storm of litigation surrounding this movie finally ended in 2019 when the producers reached a settlement with the deceased's families.

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