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How over a dozen people died drinking from a flaming river of whiskey in 1875?

How over a dozen people died drinking from a flaming river of whiskey in 1875?

The city of Dublin, Ireland witnessed one of the most destructive fires in its history in 1875 when a liquor warehouse caught fire.

In what would later be known as the Great Whiskey Fire, thousands of barrels of undiluted whiskey exploded resulting in a burning river of alcohol flooding the streets. Not much could be done in culling the blaze as water only fuelled the flames.

Though the property damage from the uncontrollable fire was enormous, the loss of life was even more so.

Interestingly, none of the Dubliners died in the fire. Instead, scores of them tried to drink the free-flowing booze right out of the street with the help of pots, pans and even their boots– leading to many being injured and 13 dying of alcohol poisoning!

Dublin’s Whiskey Fire was a bizarre case of a product unwittingly causing significant damage. But cases of commercial enterprises causing public harm are fairly common.

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