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Skittles might be toxic for consumption?

Did you know- Skittles might be toxic for consumption?

Mars Inc’s beloved rainbow candy Skittles might be unfit for human consumption according to a recent lawsuit in California. The class action lawsuit, filed last Thursday, alleges that the fruit flavoured candy contains “heightened levels” of titanium dioxide, or TiO2.

TiO2 is a chemical compound, commonly used as a food colouring additive, which is set to be banned by the EU over its toxic nature. In May 2021, the European Food Safety Authority had concluded that TiO2 particles posed concern for genotoxicity, or the ability to damage a person’s DNA and possibly cause cancer.

Even though Mars had promised to phase out the compound from its products, it continues to act as an active ingredient in Skittles sold in the US.  

Food additives are a big cause for concern all over the world. Several preservatives and colourants have come under the radar on account of their suspected toxicity.

So, this begs the question, what would happen if someone ended up getting seriously ill?

Well, in that case the company’s Product Liability Insurance would come into play.

Product Liability Insurance helps businesses handle claims of injury, illness, or death, caused to a consumer due to a faulty product.

This policy provides the necessary mechanism for the business to pay compensation to the affected customer, launch a product recall to prevent further harm, and cover legal costs in the event of lawsuits.

Product Liability Insurance protects not just the business but also the interests of its customers by ensuring that any payable damages get rendered on time.

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