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How an entire e-Scooter dealership went up in flames in Tamil Nadu

How an entire e-Scooter dealership went up in flames in Tamil Nadu

EV companies Ola Electric, Pure EV, and Okinawa have been in the news for quite some time, and with good reason. Several of their e-scooters have been spontaneously catching fire largely due to battery overheating, forcing them to recall thousands of already sold products.

On 18th April 2022, Indian manufacturer Okinawa Autotech once again made headlines when its dealership centre in Tamil Nadu was completely gutted in a fire.

Clarifying speculations as to the cause of the fire, the company stated that it had nothing to do with the electric scooters or their batteries- it was instead caused by a short circuit.

Although no injuries were reported, not much of the dealership is expected to be salvaged according to reports.

However, despite the monumental loss suffered by Okinawa, it still has a chance to recover most, if not all of it.

That is, if the dealership has insurance!

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