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Netflix gets sued by Love is Blind contestant

Netflix gets sued by Love is Blind contestant

American streaming giant Netflix Inc. has been sued by a cast member of Love is Blind, a hit reality dating show that the platform has been streaming since 2020.

Jeremy Hartwell filed the lawsuit claiming that he and other contestants in the TV reality series were subject to inhumane working conditions by Netflix and the rest of the production team.

Among other things, the suit alleges that the cast members were isolated, denied food and water, and forced to work overtime without adequate compensation. Hartwell is seeking  “unpaid wages, financial compensation for missed meal breaks and rest periods, plus monetary damages for unfair business practices.”

Netflix, which is yet to issue a response to the suit, is surely in for a long and expensive legal battle. When it comes to lawsuits such as this one, costs of defence, court fees, and settlement tend to add up.

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