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E-commerce unicorn Meesho takes legal action against haters

E-commerce unicorn Meesho takes legal action against haters

E-commerce platform Meesho has reportedly sent a legal notice to some social media influencers and a marketing company CEO for allegedly running a smear campaign against the company.

This came a week after several Twitter influencers posted screenshots of conversations where their services were sought to defame Meesho’s business model while tagging the company’s investors.

In the cease and desist order, Meesho has asked the influencer marketing company to take down all slanderous content posted on its instructions and to issue an apology to Meesho.

Although the situation has not escalated into a full-blown lawsuit, Meesho has stated that it would consider taking serious legal action against those falsely maligning the company.

With social media pervading into every aspect of society, including business, lawsuits like these claiming online defamation or slander are becoming increasingly common.

And that’s why the need for Social Media Liability Insurance has also risen. This policy acts as a financial security against claims of libel, slander, harassment, invasions of privacy, and copyright violation resulting from the use of social media sites.

The chances of a business suffering unexpected losses have exponentially increased with the internet. A Social Media Liability policy can help companies and individuals deal with the legal costs of defending defamation lawsuits.

Despite their exigency, these policies are not widely available in India– at least not yet.  But companies can get similar coverage against libel and slander through a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy which can be more easily bought.

How does Social Media Liability Insurance help businesses and influencers?

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