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An underwater volcano eruption caused mass panic in Japan.

An underwater volcano eruption caused mass panic in Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency on 16th Jan 2022 issued Tsunami warnings for some northeastern and southwestern prefectures, predicting waves as high as 3 meters. ‌

This came about when an underwater volcano in Tonga erupted upto 20 km in the air the day before. ‌Tsunami warnings were also issued for parts of Australia, New Zealand and the US.

However, the Japan Tsunami Warnings were soon withdrawn and turned into advisories. Contrary to previous predictions, tsunami waves as high as 1.2 meter were observed in some prefectures resulting in train services being suspended along with mass evacuations. However, the waves did not cause any serious injury but did leave entire towns inundated.‌

This begs the question- in the event of more disastrous tsunamis, how do businesses and homes cover significant property damage?

In India, during massive natural disasters, business owners and homeowners are financially covered with the help of their respective Fire and Allied Perils Insurance policies. These policies come with a specific set of covers known as STFI.‌

STFI stands for Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation. This offers coverage against any property damage or loss resulting from the aforementioned natural disasters. ‌

The STFI cover forms a part of the standard coverage offered by most Fire and Allied Perils Insurance policies. ‌

Along with this, ship owners can also opt for a Marine Hull Insurance policy. This policy is designed to cover damage to the bodies of marine vessels and their equipment, and comes with the STFI  cover built in. ‌

Through this cover, shipowners can get financial support in the event of damage to their ships due to natural disasters like tsunamis, storms, floods and even volcanic eruptions and lightning. ‌


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