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Hundreds of IndiGo crew members call in sick on Air India’s recruitment day

Hundreds of IndiGo crew members call in sick on Air India’s recruitment day

Chaos reigned in the domestic aviation sector on 2nd July as 55% of IndiGo’s flights suffered a nationwide delay and cancellation. According to reports, hundreds of IndiGo crew members called in sick en masse, leaving passengers and pilots high and dry.

A large number of employees taking a sick leave simultaneously is as strange as it sounds. Especially when it occurs on the very same day that a rival company is conducting walk-in interviews.

Industry officials suspect that IndiGo employees took advantage of Air India’s massive recruitment drive taking place in several cities, amid brewing discontent over pay cuts at IndiGo. It is still unconfirmed whether this was actually the case.

However, mass sick leaves are usually a result of a disease outbreak at the workplace. And in such cases, a company’s Group Health Insurance policy can come to the rescue.  

Group Health Insurance provides collective health insurance coverage to a company’s employees. This ensures that most medical and hospitalisation expenses that an employee incurs during their employment can be reimbursed and recovered.

Group Health Insurance policies are often purchased and managed by the company, which is responsible for the premium payments, and form an integral part of its infrastructure.

For many airlines, comprehensive Group Health and Accident Insurance policies have become an important tool to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

Will Group Health Insurance soon cover mental illness?

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