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India beats China in Forbes Asia’s "Best Under A Billion" list

India beats China in Forbes Asia’s "Best Under A Billion" list

On Aug 9, Forbes Asia published its 2022 edition of ‘Best Under a Billion’ businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

The list highlights 200 of the highest achieving publicly listed companies with annual revenue under $1 billion.

This year, 24 Indian firms made the list- landing India the 4th spot behind Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, but ahead of China.  

Compiled from a long list of over 20,000 businesses, this list features such Indian brands as the apparel maker Dollar Industries, and the chemical manufacturer Aarti Industries Limited, to name a few.

Aside from distinguishing companies with consistent growth over recent years, this year’s list also brings to light the shift in consumer habits over the past year.

Companies operating in non-healthcare areas such as fashion, supermarkets, restaurants, consumer electronics and entertainment dominate the list.

Getting featured on a Forbes Asia list is no easy feat. It takes years of perseverance, consistent effort, and resilience on the part of a business.

But one small accident, such an unexpected flood, or a sudden fire, can wipe out the entire enterprise.

And this is where Business Insurance can help!

Insurance can give companies a financial safety net that ensures their continued survival in the face of unforeseen events that may otherwise hinder operations.

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