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The iconic Ambassador car is making a comeback in India!

The iconic Ambassador car is making a comeback in India!

Possibly as an Electric Vehicle

For decades, the illustrious Ambassador car ruled the streets of India heralding the prestige and status of the powerful elite. It was known as the ‘King of Indian roads’.

But with the launch of more affordable cars, the Ambassador’s manufacturer Hindustan Motors struggled to maintain its dominant market share. And so, the company decided to decommission the car’s production in 2013.

Now, almost a decade later, the car is set to return. And in a completely new avatar!

According to reports, Hindustan Motors is collaborating with the European electric vehicle manufacturer Peugeot to introduce the Ambassador with a new engine and design. The manufacturing is set to take place in HM’s Chennai plant, with the re-launch aimed to take place in 2024.

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