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Monsoon alert: Is your business property secured against heavy rains?

Monsoon alert: Is your business property secured against heavy rains?

This year’s monsoons initially seemed to be a welcome respite from the sweltering heat. But things soon turned disastrous when the heavy downpour gave rise to landslides, floods, and waterlogging in many regions.

The damage that these events have caused so far go beyond just traffic congestion and cancelled trains. Hundreds of homes and small businesses in Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and other states face the threat of irreversible property damage due to the ensuing natural calamities.

So, what can be done?

While certain safety measures can help prevent excessive damage to your business, they may not be enough. Storms, floods, inundation, almost always end up causing serious harm to your property.

But, there is one foolproof way to recover these losses– Insurance!

Fire Insurance provides one of the most comprehensive and affordable insurance covers for almost all business assets, such as-

  • Building and structure
  • Plant, machinery and equipment
  • Raw materials and stock
  • Furniture, computer systems, etc.

This policy can fully protect your business against damage due to floods, landslides, storms, cyclones, and many other natural disasters.

And that’s not all! Protection under Fire Insurance extends way beyond the risk of natural disasters, also covering fire, explosions, theft, riots, and more.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Secure ₹10 Lakhs worth of property for as little as ₹473 today! Compare quotes instantly here