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How can homes and businesses be protected during cyclones?

How can homes and businesses be protected during cyclones?

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the latest eastern cyclone, befittingly called Asani, meaning ‘wrath’ in Sinhala, intensified on May 8 into a severe cyclonic storm packing winds up to 120 km per hour.

The storm is expected to weaken in the next two days and result in light to moderate rainfall in coastal Odisha, and adjoining areas of north coastal Andhra Pradesh.

The IMD has advised fishermen not to venture into the Bay of Bengal or Andaman Sea as conditions are likely to be highly turbulent.

With states like West Bengal, Odisha, and parts of Andhra Pradesh bracing for the cyclone’s tempestuous impact, are buildings, shops, and offices safe from damage?

Cyclones are one of the most disastrous natural calamities in the country– causing mass displacement, injuries, and loss of homes and businesses.

But thankfully, a Fire Insurance policy can make the aftermath of such a catastrophe financially bearable. Fire Insurance policies come with a special cover called STFI, which stands for Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood and Inundation.

Through this cover, homes and businesses, like shops, offices, godowns, and factories can get reimbursement for any damage caused to their property due to a cyclone.

In a country like India, where floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and storms are common occurrences, a Fire Insurance policy is much needed.

And what’s more, these policies have been largely standardised by the Indian Government in recent years, making them incredibly affordable, even for a small business owner.

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Japan killing 4 and injuring hundreds!

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