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How a bad breakup led to a deadly fire in Indore

How a bad breakup led to a deadly fire in Indore

Sometimes damage to property does not result from a short circuit, a flood, or an earthquake. Harm caused by a third party is a lot more common than you’d think. And when it does happen, will insurance come to your rescue?

This is a question our customers ask often.

Let’s take the case of a recent fire in Indore.

On May 7, a double-storey building in Swarnbagh Colony, Indore unexpectedly caught fire, tragically killing 7 residents.

On investigation, the police checked footage of over 100 CCTV cameras and subsequently arrested a man they believed had started the fire. His reason– a breakup.

According to reports, the man had been dating a resident of the building and had also lent her ₹10,000. Days before the fire, the woman had broken up with the man and gotten engaged to someone else.

The jilted lover then went to the parking lot of the building and set fire to the woman’s scooty. Unbeknownst to him, the fire quickly engulfed the entire structure.

Cases like these are covered under the RSMD cover of a Fire Insurance policy. Through this cover, the insurance company provides financial reimbursement for any property damage brought on by a third party’s malicious acts.

Most businesses along with housing societies and residential complexes opt for a Property Insurance policy such as this one, protecting their building from damage caused by a host of risks, including floods, cyclones, riots, theft, and over a dozen more.

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