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What caused Google’s international server outage?

What caused Google’s international server outage?

Server outages are quite common. But usually not with Google. However, services like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Drive, were down for thousands of users on August 9, 2022.

The outage reportedly affected at least 1,338 servers globally across more than 40 countries. Services started running as normal a couple of hours later.

In its response, Google officially stated that a software update issue had been the source of the disruption. But this did not stop news outlets from speculating otherwise.

According to several reports a massive electrical explosion at a Google data Centre in Iowa may have played a part in the global outage. The explosion occurred as a result of an arc flash and sent 3 workers to the hospital with critical injuries.

Data centres are extremely vulnerable to freak electrical accidents, sudden fires, or extreme heat. Just take the case of the UK's recently soaring temperatures, which forced Google Cloud and Oracle facilities to power down.

These Data Centre outages can cause noticeable business interruption and financial losses. But, there is a way to prepare for them.

With Cloud Downtime Insurance, businesses can get covered for short-term cloud outages, network crashes and platform failures that last up to 12-24 hours.

Designed for businesses that rely on third party IT services, this policy can cover operational costs, customer compensation, repair costs, and other expenses related to cloud failure.

Downtime Insurance is a very recent offering sold by select insurers in very few countries. However, with everything gradually moving to the cloud, it is likely that this policy will soon become popular.

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