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Why Ola Electric was sued for invasion of privacy

Why Ola Electric was sued for invasion of privacy

It all began on March 26 in Assam, when one of Ola’s S1 Pro electric scooters unexpectedly accelerated on braking, leaving its rider hospitalised and severely injured. The rider’s father later took to social media, blaming the scooter for its faulty brake regenerative system.

In its response, Ola Electric published the concerned scooter’s telemetry data showing that the accident occurred because the rider was speeding, and upon seeing a speed breaker, braked in panic.

Following this, the rider’s father served Ola with a takedown notice alleging breach of data privacy. He protested that the data had not been extracted in front of him– allegations that the company has categorically denied.

The last two months saw numerous cases of electric scooters malfunctioning and injuring customers. But now with an added accusation of privacy violation, is there a way Ola Electric can financially cope with these mounting lawsuits?

Lawsuits claiming invasion of privacy on the part of a business are usually covered under a General Liability Insurance policy. This policy comes with a personal and advertising injury section that protects businesses against claims of libel, slander, wrongful disclosure of private information, and misappropriation.

It is debatable whether Ola Electric would win this lawsuit. But if it has a General Liability policy, it may be able to offset legal expenses and compensation that becomes payable to the customer.  

General Liability Insurance can protect your businesses against everything from customer injuries to product liability!

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