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Why has David Dobrik been sued for $10 Million?

Why has David Dobrik been sued for $10 Million?

David Dobrik, a popular Youtuber and leader of ensemble The Vlog Squad, has been sued by a former squad member, Jeff Wittek, for his near-fatal injuries in a video stunt gone wrong.

What happened?

Back in the summer of 2020, Wittek, Dobrik, and co. decided to use an excavator in the water, operated by Dobrik, to swing people around as part of a video stunt. According to Wittek’s lawsuit, Dobrik moved the excavator faster than planned and slowed it down too abruptly, causing Wittek to slam into it.

This incident left Wittek with a broken foot and hip, a shattered skull, and multiple other injuries on top of almost losing an eye.

Wittek has asked for a $10 million compensation from Dobrik for his "general negligence and intentional tort" in the incident.

How can Dobrik cover the legal fees?

Social Media Influencer lawsuits are a lot more common than you’d imagine. Claims of defamation, false advertisements, or negligence can prove expensive and ruinous for their reputation.

For this reason, Social Media Liability Insurance has also become popular amongst content creators and influencers.

This policy is essentially a Professional Liability Insurance policy, providing financial protection against claims of negligence or misconduct by a social media personality. It can help cover legal expenses and payable compensation that may arise as a result of lawsuits.

Certain brands make it a requirement for influencers to be covered under such a policy. Regardless, with the use of social media now a given in almost every industry and region, Liability Insurance has become a crucial security.

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