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Can excessive laughter cause death?

Can excessive laughter cause death?

What do a mediaeval king, a British bricklayer, and a Danish audiologist have in common? Each of them have been known to laugh themselves into an early grave!

A ruptured brain aneurysm, cardiac arrest, gelastic seizures, asphyxiation are all genuine medical conditions that can accompany an exceptionally intense fit of laughter and can even cause death.

Instances of people dying from such ailments abound. So much so that comedians and film production companies have begun insuring themselves against such incidents!

Death by Laughter Insurance is a specialised Liability Insurance policy designed to protect stand-up comics, film producers, or humorists, against the risk of their audience dying from laughter because of their comedic set.

This kind of insurance dates back to the 1900s, when moviegoers were so worried about the fatal effects of extreme laughter that they got themselves insured with Lloyd’s of London.

While dying from a fit of merriment isn’t the most undesirable road to a premature demise, it may result in undue lawsuits or demands for compensation made against the entertainers. And that’s where Death by Laughter Insurance can be incredibly beneficial.

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