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Building collapse in Pune causes 5 deaths and several injuries

Building collapse in Pune causes 5 deaths and several injuries

In the late hours of Feb 3 2021, a slab structure of an under-construction building collapsed at Shastrinagar in the Yerwada area of Pune.

The accident occurred during the process of laying the slab at the basement level with the help of a net of steel bars.

A number of construction workers were on the site at the time of the accident and got trapped when the structure suddenly caved in on them. 5 workers died on the spot, 2 were critically injured, and 3 others suffered minor injuries.

On investigation it was found that the collapse occurred due to a lack of precautionary measures at the site. Subsequent to this, a committee was formed to conduct an inquiry which led to a case against a contractor and 3 others involved.

While there can be no restitution for the terrible loss of life in this incident, there is still a way to provide some assistance to the families and the injured.

Through a Workmen’s Compensation Insurance policy.

This policy provides monetary compensation to workers who suffer an injury at the workplace leading to their death, disability, illness, or hospitalisation.

In the event of a worker’s death, compensation can be provided to their family. And in the event of occupational illnesses or injuries, recompense for the loss of wages, medical expenses, etc. can be provided to the worker.

This insurance, also known as Employee Compensation Insurance, has been made compulsory for several industries and businesses by the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 in order to protect the rights of workers who often work in dangerous conditions, such as construction sites.

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