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A Brazillian model has insured her buttocks for ₹13 Crore!

A Brazillian model has insured her buttocks for ₹13 Crore!

Nathy Kihara, a 35 year old brazilian model who won the title for Miss BumBum in 2021, a beauty pageant that honors the best buttocks in Brazil, has got hers insured for a whopping £1.3 million- equivalent to nearly ₹13 Crore.

The model stated in an interview that she trains hard in order to maintain her body, and is famous for her implant-free backside. So it only made sense to insure it.

Kihara is not the only celebrity who has insured one of their body parts. This trend began in the 1940s when American actress Betty Grable insured her legs for $1 million. Other celebrities include Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards insuring his string-picking fingers for $1.6 million, and rock musician Bruce Springsteen insuring his vocal chords for $6 million.

The thing is, these celebrities rely heavily on specific body parts for their fame and livelihood. So much so that any damage or loss to these can put them out of work for months and sometimes years.

This kind of insurance is called Body Part Insurance. It is designed to supplement lost income if the insured body part is damaged, injured, scarred, handicapped, or lost. Body Part coverage is not offered by standard insurance companies, and is highly personalized and expensive. However, insurance behemoth Lloyd’s of London offers such policies.

Body part coverage is not exclusive to celebrities. Business owners and professionals like surgeons, chefs, wine experts, etc. can also get this insurance if their ability to work depends on certain body parts.

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