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A UK woman sued a Doctor for allowing her to be born

A UK woman sued a Doctor for allowing her to be born

A 20-year old UK woman’s peculiar lawsuit has captivated the world. Evie Toombes, a para-equestrian (an equestrian sport for athletes with an impairment) in Lincolnshire, England sued her mother’s doctor on the grounds of “wrongful conception”.

The thing is, Evie was born with a birth defect called spina bifida that occurs when the spinal cord does not form properly in the womb.

Because of this condition, she has had to spend up to 24 hours a day hooked up to tubes. Besides also suffering from bowel and bladder issues, Evie is expected to lose more and more of her already limited mobility as she grows older, eventually necessitating a wheelchair.

In light of her worsening disability, Evie’s lawsuit claimed that her mother's doctor failed to prescribe her vital supplements during pregnancy that led Evie to have birth defects.

Hearing this case, a London High Court judge concurred that the correct recommended advice from the doctor would have resulted in a delayed conception and a normal healthy child.

The judge subsequently ruled in Evie’s favour, awarding her millions in damages, which her lawyer states is enough to cover her lifelong medical expenses.

However, the doctor maintains that he provided reasonable advice and is not liable for any damages.

While a case such as this one might be a rare occurrence, doctors and other professionals often run a high risk of being sued for negligence or wrongdoings.

That’s why these professionals opt for a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, which essentially covers any compensation they may have to pay as a result of any lawsuits. This insurance also pays for their legal and defence expenses.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is often taken for a group of professionals in a hospital, accounting firm, legal firm, etc., to protect the legal liability of all individuals.

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